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T & T Adventures Japan

T&T Adventures Japan

From the pages of T&T Adventures magazine in Japan, this fun product is translated into English with original Japanese illustrations and maps. Solitaire adventures, Gamemaster scenarios, FRPG Manga, and a special set of T&T mini-rules written by Ken St Andre especially for this product, all are included to make this a perfect book to introduce

Mugshots I: The Case of the Pacific Clipper

Mugshots I: The Case of the Pacific Clipper

MugShots: The Case of the Pacific Clipper – solitaire and GM adventure. It’s a quiet fall day in San Francisco. The year is 1937. The newspapers are all abuzz with news about the military buildup of Japan and the invasion of China. The offices of the Eureka Detective Agency are open for business and you’re

Chasing a Golden Buck

Chasing a Golden Buck

Steal an idol from a cult full of healing, tree-hugging nature-worshipers? Should be an easy heist. Chasing a Golden Buck is a fantasy scenario designed for a party of 4-6 characters of solid 2nd-level (Attributes 11-29). The scenario includes multiple plot hooks that can be used far beyond the single adventure as the basis for

The Vital Spot

The Vital Spot

Contains two substantial GM adventures: Something in the Wind A colourful adventure for a bunch of low-level characters. The Jumbo Compendium 5-in-1 Bumper Dungeon Fun Pack! A portmanteau of five short and silly adventures. Also other material for the Tunnels & Trolls(TM) role-playing game: Magic Items Random Names Conversion Notes for other role-playing games Novelties

Adventure in Fellbarrow

Adventure in Fellbarrow by Andy Holmes

Fellbarrow is a sad, miserable little town. A motley collection of ramshackle houses slowly sinking into the marshy landscape. The townsfolk are poor and sad, and many are more than a little mad, and few people here have much to live for. But the town hides a secret…… This GM adventure consists of three adventure

Les jungles-araignées de Boomshartak

Les jungles-araignées de Boomshartak

Passés le gué tortueux de la Dajja et le défilé qui serpente à travers la chaîne des Haches, une piste s’enfonce dans les jungles d’Ahng Khor, en lisière du territoire naga. C’est là, sous la grande canopée, que se trouvent les légendaires 9 999 marches, une antique voie en raidillon qui se perd dans les

Capture The Troll

Capture The Troll by Ken St. Andre

Here’s a challenge for you. Cross a monster-guarded lake, penetrate an immense cavern system, find the legendary fungoid forest, and capture a troll for the menagerie of Mingo the Moneyless. Either that, or be turned into a frog. Mingoh is a powerful wizard, utterly ruthless, and quite insane. Capturing a troll is actully not as

Deep Where The Liche-Lord Lies - A Decent Into Horror

Deep Where The Liche-Lord Lies – A Decent Into Horror by Andy Holmes

Beneath an ancient mausoleum, deep within the Forest of Maugaral, there is a mighty dungeon; a stronghold of goblins, ogres, and worse. At its deepest point, surrounded by earthly riches, lies the tomb of Vasarax, an ancient and malignant sorcerer. Though entombed for centuries, stories abound that the long dead mage has arisen as a

Bats in Dabelfry

Bats in Dabelfry by Jason Mills

Roll up your sleeves and sharpen your fangs, it’s time to explore the spooky old attics of Dabelfry Manor! Whatever you find is yours to keep, if it doesn’t eat you first… Bats In Dabelfry! is a short, fun and gruesome adventure in poor taste, for a handful of low-level characters. It’s written for Tunnels