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TrollsZine 9

TrollsZine 9

This is a departure for Khaghbboommm Press! The mighty TrollsZine needs a surrogate mother and who am I to say no to such a worthy cause? Standing on the shoulders of giants gives me an awesome view! Within these pages are the greats of Tunnels & Trolls, from Ken St. Andre, the Trollgod himself, to


Oops by Thomas H Pugh

This is a free solo micro adventure for deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. It is suitable for a single or group of delvers with total combat adds of about 75-100. Warriors, Rogues and Wizards are all allowed but only combat or healing magic can be cast. Designed for Deluxe T&T, usable with most versions. Download from

Bats in Dabelfry

Bats in Dabelfry by Jason Mills

Roll up your sleeves and sharpen your fangs, it’s time to explore the spooky old attics of Dabelfry Manor! Whatever you find is yours to keep, if it doesn’t eat you first… Bats In Dabelfry! is a short, fun and gruesome adventure in poor taste, for a handful of low-level characters. It’s written for Tunnels

The Snollygoster

The Snollygoster Volume 1 Number 7

The adventure issue! This issue features: Bladdered -A solo adventure by Mark Thornton The Kliklak Encounter – A GM adventure for New Khazan by Professor Whenn/Mad Roy Cram The Gift of Gzntyt – By Charlie Fleming Gas Attacks! – By Charlie Fleming – just a fancy chart The Snollygoster is an infrequent newsletter of ideas