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Trollgod's Terrible Twenty

Trollgod’s Terrible Twenty

Annotated and illustrated bestiary of 20 fantasy monsters for Tunnels and Trolls all created by Ken St. Andre. The book also contains the story of the Trollgod, who he is, and what he does. Ken’s Explanatory Introduction People keep asking for bestiaries and monster lists, but it seems to me that there are already innumerable

Chasing a Golden Buck

Chasing a Golden Buck

Steal an idol from a cult full of healing, tree-hugging nature-worshipers? Should be an easy heist. Chasing a Golden Buck is a fantasy scenario designed for a party of 4-6 characters of solid 2nd-level (Attributes 11-29). The scenario includes multiple plot hooks that can be used far beyond the single adventure as the basis for


Oops by Thomas H Pugh

This is a free solo micro adventure for deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. It is suitable for a single or group of delvers with total combat adds of about 75-100. Warriors, Rogues and Wizards are all allowed but only combat or healing magic can be cast. Designed for Deluxe T&T, usable with most versions. Download from

Temple of the Wild Boar Solo Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls by Sid Orpin

Temple of the Wild Boar

The simple folk of Medfield are desperate to cure the virulent form of swine fever that is decimating their domestic pigs. The only possible course of action is to search out Scrofatilla’s Shrine, hidden deep within Colcott Woods, and try to find some talisman or enchanted artifact that may save the day. Dare you cross

Arena of Khazan Appendix of Gladiators and Fighters

Arena of Khazan Appendix of Gladiators and Fighters

This is a collection of stories, portraits, and gaming stats (Tunnels & Trolls system) for some of the more unusual gladiators in the great Arena of Khazan. Original art by David Ullery will help you visualize these characters as real people instead of just nameless monsters to be defeated. You might even use them as

Arena of Khazan

Arena of Khazan by Ken St. Andre

Khazan, capital city of the Empire of Khazan is also sometimes known as the City of Death. It takes its name and reputation from its ruler Lerotra’hh the Death Empress of Khazan. Khazan was founded and built by a mighty wizard of the same name. It flourished under his benevolent rule for 666 years until

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Solo Rules Update

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Solo Rules Update

Stuart Lloyd provides suggestions to have the most fun while playing solo adventures using the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls rules. Download from DriveThruRPG.

deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Rulebook

deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

This is it! The new and improved, Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. T&T is the second ever fantasy role playing game, and the easiest to use. This book contains everything you need to play the game solo (with the many solo adventures) or with a group of friends. It also includes a lot of extra material

Al Kazar's Caravan

Al Kazar’s Caravan By Thomas H. Pugh

The road to Kalliss-Morr is fraught with risks, the uruks and goblins are on the move, and in the wilderness of the Kurtish Plains it is unwise to trust to freely. This is a beginners level adventure for warriors, rogues or wizards of up to 20 personal adds. Any kindred may be used except uruks

Spell Book of the Leprechauns

Spell Book of the Leprechauns

Lucky thanked me for the drink and quaffed half of it. How such a little guy could handle such a big mug of beer baffled me, but it was easy for him. He quirked one amazing carroty red eyebrow and drawled out in a brogue so thick you could cut it with a warspoon, “Ye

The Spellbook of Uruks

The Spellbook of Uruks

As hard as it may be to believe, uruks are related to elves. Loopo the Mad Mage used his magic to transform some of the Vartae (the Dark Elves) into uruks during the Wizard Wars at the dawn of history. One might think that uruk magic would be similar to elven magic, but nothing could

The Spell Book of the Gremlins

The Spell Book of the Gremlins

Gremlin magic is all about naughty thrills and supernatural spite. It can grow warts on your tongue, rot your dinner, and give your favorite milch-goat bad ideas. Gremlin magic isn’t evil, but it is bad. Very bad! Buy now from DriveThruRPG.

Agent of Death

Agent of Death by Ken St. Andre

Something is stealing the magic of Trollworld, and Lerotra’hh, Empress of Khazan has chosen you to track down the cause and save the realms. But are you up to the challenge? Agent of Death can be played as one long 64 page novel-length adventure, or it can be played as three separate short-story adventures. And

Rock and Rule The Spellbook of Gristlegrim's Dwarves

Rock and Rule: The Spellbook of Gristlegrim’s Dwarves

Dwarven Wizards are rare, but when you find one, these are the spells he’s very likely to know. Dwarven magic is just a little HARDER than human magic. Hi, this is Ken St. Andre speaking to you, the gamer. First, I created Tunnels & Trolls so I could have a fantasy world to play in.