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City of the Gods Map Pack

City of the Gods Map Pack

Ever wanted to take your players to meet the gods? Now you can with the City of the Gods Map Pack. Usable with any role-playing system this product presents a realm where all the gods of Earth reside; Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Celtic, Asian and many other Pantheons all dwell in this mystical realm. The City

Grimtooth's Traps Lite

Grimtooth’s Traps Lite

Start your game off right with improved Traps Lite, the funniest addition to our line of Traps books. Eighty pages of “kinder, gentler” traps, each presented without game mechanics. The nature, cause, and effect of each trap has been described so that any game master can use the various traps in whatever role-playing system they

Grimtooth's Traps Bazaar

Grimtooth’s Traps Bazaar

Includes a (humorous) description of each trap, and a (fiendish) illustration by Steve Crompton. That’s right, due to popular demand, Grimtooth has opened his Traps Bazaar! It’s a showplace for those small, hard-to-find traps that Gamemasters just love to use on greedy adventurers. Grimtooth and his minions have choosen the best items they could salvage