Publications: 5th Edition

Trollgod's Terrible Twenty

Trollgod’s Terrible Twenty

Annotated and illustrated bestiary of 20 fantasy monsters for Tunnels and Trolls all created by Ken St. Andre. The book also contains the story of the Trollgod, who he is, and what he does. Ken’s Explanatory Introduction People keep asking for bestiaries and monster lists, but it seems to me that there are already innumerable

The Vital Spot

The Vital Spot

Contains two substantial GM adventures: Something in the Wind A colourful adventure for a bunch of low-level characters. The Jumbo Compendium 5-in-1 Bumper Dungeon Fun Pack! A portmanteau of five short and silly adventures. Also other material for the Tunnels & Trolls(TM) role-playing game: Magic Items Random Names Conversion Notes for other role-playing games Novelties

Adventure in Fellbarrow

Adventure in Fellbarrow by Andy Holmes

Fellbarrow is a sad, miserable little town. A motley collection of ramshackle houses slowly sinking into the marshy landscape. The townsfolk are poor and sad, and many are more than a little mad, and few people here have much to live for. But the town hides a secret…… This GM adventure consists of three adventure