Welcome to Nightmare Dungeon!

Welcome to Nightmare Dungeon!

A simple solo campaign for a human character with up to 10 personal adds. Perfect for beginner.

Ever since your father dumped a still-bleeding gorgon head on the kitchen table you’ve wanted to be an adventurer. You remember how you’d play in the backyard with your sister, pretending to cast spells at each other; how you played with your father’s sword when he was out of the house, and how the cat accidentally lost its tail; how you made a cap out of leather, and how it fell to pieces when you rested it on a hat stand; and many other such frivolous things besides.

But today it’s your birthday, and now that you’re 18 you’ve outgrown playing. You’re a man, and it’s time to man up and become a real adventurer, just like your pa. Your dad’s found a renowned establishment for you to test your mettle in and he’s shouting you the entrance fee – a new enterprise named Nightmare Dungeon. It’s certification’s still pending, but your dad reassures you it’ll be safe and simple inside.

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