TrollsZine 9

TrollsZine 9

This is a departure for Khaghbboommm Press! The mighty TrollsZine needs a surrogate mother and who am I to say no to such a worthy cause? Standing on the shoulders of giants gives me an awesome view! Within these pages are the greats of Tunnels & Trolls, from Ken St. Andre, the Trollgod himself, to the peerless AR Holmes, to Mad Roy Cram and beyond, to places not even the Enterprise has been too!

Then there are the artists: A cover by the one and only Jeff Freels, fantastic contributions by David Ullery and… But no! Look for yourselves! Especialy as it is still proving that the best things in life are free.

Thanks to writers and artists alike and thanks to players the world over for making the world’s 2nd oldest RPG a titan of this century and beyond!

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