Trollstone Caverns: Lair of the Silver Serpent

Trollstone Caverns: Lair of the Silver Serpent

A GM Adventure for dT&T and Tunnels & Trolls by Ken St Andre

Your adventure begins on a small path that branches from the Great Khazan Road and leads at a cave mouth in the mountainside. Inside is the fabled Trollstone Caverns, home lair of the legendary Silver Serpent, and also for a large clan of Uruks—the Scarlet Wolf Clan. To these caverns you have come in search of adventure, loot, or possibly even the venom of the Silver Serpent, a very valuable item among the mages in Khazan, certainly worth the effort – if you can survive!

Trollstone Carverns includes two brand new full color maps and multiple full color illustrations by Steven Crompton, along with additional bw illos by Rob Carver and Phil Longmeier.

This adventure is meant for 1st level and other beginning characters, It is meant for parties consisting of the good kindreds only; namely humans, dwarves, elves, leprechauns, fairies, and hobbs. It is possible that uruks might join such a party, but do not allow any other monster kindreds in.

You will need some version of The T&T Rules to run this adventure.

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