Temple of the Wild Boar

Temple of the Wild Boar Solo Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls by Sid Orpin

The simple folk of Medfield are desperate to cure the virulent form of swine fever that is decimating their domestic pigs. The only possible course of action is to search out Scrofatilla’s Shrine, hidden deep within Colcott Woods, and try to find some talisman or enchanted artifact that may save the day. Dare you cross the great ravine and explore the abandoned temple in an attempt to avert this eclogical disaster?

Temple of the Wild Boar is a solitaire adventure for use with Tunnels & TrollsTM . It has been designed for Deluxe T&T and is compatible with 7th/7.5 editions without modification and could easily be adapted for the 5th edition. A single, low-level humanoid character with no more than 30 combat adds may take up the challenge. Some magic is allowed, but you will find that the influence of the wild boar god can make its outcome somewhat unpredictable.

This is a full-sized solo with 228 adventure paragraphs plus random encounters table. With a splendid full-colour cover and interior illustrations by Jeff Freels, it is a thing of beauty as well as fun T&T romp.

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