Spell Book of the Leprechauns

Spell Book of the Leprechauns

Lucky thanked me for the drink and quaffed half of it. How such a little guy could handle such a big mug of beer baffled me, but it was easy for him. He quirked one amazing carroty red eyebrow and drawled out in a brogue so thick you could cut it with a warspoon, “Ye will be a’refilling this so long as I be a’talking, will ye not, me bucko Ken?” “Oh, yes,” I assured him. “Let me just top it off for you now.” I had taken the precaution of ordering a whole bucket of beer when we sat down together in the Seven Eyes Inn. “Now, I’d be interested to know as much about Leprechauns and their magic as you are willing to tell me.

Leprechauns are much luckier than men or even elves. Legend has it that when the Creator made the first Leprechaun, She asked him what gift he wanted, and he said Luck.

Find out why Leprechauns are the most hated kindred on Trollworld.

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