Rose of Stormgaard by Ken St. Andre

Rose of Stormgaard

Can one rogue and her friends affect the history of Trollworld? Find out in this 240 page novel by Tunnels & Trolls creator Ken St. Andre. Rose and her comrades, (2 female elves and a dwarf) are forced into one of the most dangerous dungeons on the continent of Rrr’lff. Join them as they face a bestiary of creatures and a hidden enemy waiting for just the right moment to strike…

This novel includes over 50 iIllustrations by Steve Crompton, Gustave Dore & others, And also include a bonus RPG section in the back of the book that gives you maps, room by room details, traps chart and a wandering monster table that allows you to run your own version of the Pit of Despair. If you like fantasy, role-playing, or rousing adventure, this book is for you.

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