Rock and Rule: The Spellbook of Gristlegrim’s Dwarves

Rock and Rule: The Spellbook of Gristlegrim's Dwarves

Dwarven Wizards are rare, but when you find one, these are the spells he’s very likely to know. Dwarven magic is just a little HARDER than human magic.

Hi, this is Ken St. Andre speaking to you, the gamer. First, I created Tunnels & Trolls so I could have a fantasy world to play in. Then Trollworld grew up around the game. Games are incredibly restrictive–they hardly ever give a good picture of a whole world. These spellbooks are an attempt to show you that the world is far more diverse and interesting than the DT&T rules can show you. They are also fully compatible with every version of Tunnels and Trolls, and can be easily adapted to any other frpg. I just want you to know that Trollworld is not an either/or place–It’s a Yes/and place.

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