Journey to Lunar Nine! (The Rainbow Palace Anthology)

Journey to Lunar Nine! (The Rainbow Palace Anthology)

A solo campaign for a human character with up to 20 personal adds. Character must be comfortable with interstellar travel and parasitic alien races. Potential rewards include advanced technology, extraterrestrial spells, and an end to the exploitation of humans (APs naturally included). Potential failures include self-cryogenesis, drowning in brain-enhancing serum, and being sentenced to the ‘physical fitness ward’. Applicants will be abducted for an ‘interview’ but need not apply…

Strange happenings occur throughout the realm of England. A kitten is born to a dog which mews. Fish rain from the sky during Lent. A crone’s shadow takes Satan’s form instead of her own, and whenever mischief takes place her shadow can’t be seen. These tales are investigated thoroughly by the privy council and are found to be most credible. Similar tales abound across the channel, thus verifying the truth of all.

Mixed with these facts, however, are the most preposterous rumours: rumours of heavenly shields flying across the King’s skies and taking the chosen to our Father’s domain. The peasants, imaginative as they are, say that they saw such-and-such a relation scooped from their baron’s muddy fields into the clouds. Some say that the shields contain angels inside them who peer at them from above (what sense can be made of this? Hollow shields?) and that a sickly green light appears before their relatives ascend to the original garden (would the heavenly Father mark his favour with a ray of such foul light? Where in the Book of Truth is such a miracle detailed? Why would common serfs be chosen to ascend to eternal bliss? Are their baron’s muddy fields not good enough for them? Do not the nobility pay more through the chantries for the passage of their souls?)

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