Grimtooth’s Traps Lite

Grimtooth's Traps Lite

Start your game off right with improved Traps Lite, the funniest addition to our line of Traps books. Eighty pages of “kinder, gentler” traps, each presented without game mechanics. The nature, cause, and effect of each trap has been described so that any game master can use the various traps in whatever role-playing system they wish. And of course the traps each have a skull rating to denote how dangerous they are.

And now a word from the Troll himself Grimtooth:
“That’s right humans, I have a new book just for you and whatever RPG you use; Over 110 specially designed traps for all occasions and situations. The traps in my tome are meant to humiliate, confound and embarrass adventurers of all types (past present and future) but not necessarily kill them. Read ’em and weep mortals!”

Plus meet other members of the Grimtooth clan that pitch in to host different chapters. Also included is a bonus 8-page Grimtooth’s Traps comic written and drawn by Paul O’Connor and Steven S Crompton. Traps Lite: Tastes Great – Less Killing!

Includes the original cover from 1992, plus all the original traps.

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