Free RPG Day – 2018 – Deluxe T&T Minirules

Free RPG Day - 2018 - Deluxe T&T Minirules

T&T Japan Mini Rules & Solo

From the pages of T&T Adventures magazine in Japan, and translated into English with original Japanese illustrations. FRPG Manga, and a special set of T&T mini-rules written by Ken St Andre. The 16 page mini rules include details on rolling up a character, equipping them, 11 basic spells, pre-rolled characters and a Treasure Generator.

The Solitaire adventure, Coming Down the Mountain was especially written for this booklet and is available no where else. all are included to make this a perfect book to introduce RPG to beginners, or fans of Japanese RPG. This booklet was originally distributed on Free RPG day in 2018.

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