Capture The Troll by Ken St. Andre

Capture The Troll

Here’s a challenge for you. Cross a monster-guarded lake, penetrate an immense cavern system, find the legendary fungoid forest, and capture a troll for the menagerie of Mingo the Moneyless. Either that, or be turned into a frog. Mingoh is a powerful wizard, utterly ruthless, and quite insane. Capturing a troll is actully not as dangerous as telling him why you wouldn’t do this little errand for him.

Capture the Troll relies heavily on the wisdom and ability of the Game Master. Likewise, we don’t need a real map for this adventure.

The main action takes place in a maze of cave tunnels. This is no carefully planned dungeon. It’s a wilderness. The Game Master can adjust the amount of time spent on each section of the game to suit herself.

In the text suggested monster ratings are given for anything the player may have to fight. The GM may adjust these rating up or down to suit the fighting strength of her players.

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