Beneath Dark Elms

Beneath Dark Elms

Peachtree Village has a problem. The Horned Witch has taken the daughter of a local woodcutter. Now delvers must venture deep into The Black Crypt Forest to face an array of magical beings, both friends and foes.

Be warned, gentle player – things may not be as they seem. Why are there strange floating eyeballs following you around, for instance?

Beneath Dark Elms is a GM adventure for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls (although with very little tinkering, if any tinkering at all, you can use this for 5th edition onwards).

This adventure is suitable for delvers of levels 1-3, with no more than 20 adds. The GM is able to inflate the Monster Ratings of some of the adversaries in this adventure should things prove to be a cakewalk for more experienced players.

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