Adventure in Fellbarrow by Andy Holmes

Adventure in Fellbarrow

Fellbarrow is a sad, miserable little town. A motley collection of ramshackle houses slowly sinking into the marshy landscape. The townsfolk are poor and sad, and many are more than a little mad, and few people here have much to live for. But the town hides a secret……

This GM adventure consists of three adventure areas:- the town of Fellbarrow and 2 levels of dungeon to explore including detailed maps and descriptions of all the buildings, rooms and caverns. Andy Holmes has produced another fantastic gothic GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls. Written for the 5th edition rules, it will easily convert to 7th/7.5th and Deluxe versions.

The TMG team have decided to make this product ‘Pay You Want’. All of the money that comes in will be used to help our friend Jeff Freels, Olympia’s blind cartoonist, and his wife Raquel. Please give what you can.

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