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White Dwarf Magazine Issue 32

A World of Your Own by Ken St Andre 1982

Devising a style of play in T&T by Ken St Andre From White Dwarf Issue 32 1982 by kind permission of Games Workshop Of all the gaming articles I have ever written or ever will write this is probably the most important. If I was the kind of person who could easily adapt someone else’s

White Dwarf Magazine Issue 30

The Apocrypha According to St Andre 1982

From White Dwarf Issue 30 1982 by kind permission of Games Workshop In the beginning… Greetings! I want to thank the editors of White Dwarf for providing this opportunity to get together with you. I intend to write one or more essays for this magazine that are a cross between gaming column, an article, an

Bear Peters

A Pilgrimage to the Bear Cave with Bear Peters in 2008

Bear Peters Interviewed in 2008 Reproduced by kind permission of Robert S. Lotze and Bear Peters Bear Peters was involved with Tunnels & Trolls at the very beginning. He was a party to its creation and part of its growth. His resume is quite impressive. Not only is he a founding-father of Tunnels & Trolls

Lucky Shot by Chad Thorsen

Dare to DARO by Dan Prentice

A guide to cunning stunts Since the second role-playing game burst onto the scene in 1975, players have been using its flexible Saving Roll mechanic to perform dramatic stunts confounding Game Masters and their evil monsters. This article offers some advice to the Tunnels & Troll GM who would like to get a handle on

Tunnels & Trolls News & Info

That Frisson of Disgust, That Tingle of Fear

by Ken St. Andre – January 29th, 2000 Do you remember your first fantasy role-playing experience? Do you remember struggling to understand unfamiliar rules, the effort to fit your character into that of someone not yourself? Do you remember the dread with which you faced your first monstrous foe? There has never been anything else