Month: August 2016

Troll In The Corner

Troll in the Corner Interview with Ken St. Andre in 2010

Troll in the Corner Interview in 2010 reproduced by kind permission of Nick Nundahl I’ve compiled a list of crowd sourced questions for the game’s creator Ken St. Andre. Thank you Troll ITC readers, and special thanks to the community at – if you aren’t subscribed to that subreddit, get to it. – Nick


Grognardia Interview with Liz Danforth in 2009

Grognardia Interview in 2009 Reproduced by kind permission of James Maliszewski I’ve mentioned many times before that I was a huge fan of Traveller back in the day and that I considered The Traveller Adventure one of the few near-perfect products ever made for any roleplaying game in the history of the hobby. Among the

Demon Issue 1

Demon Issue interview with Ken St. Andre in 1986

Demon Issue interview in 1986 Reproduced by kind permission of Garen Ewing As all Tunnels & Trolls players should know, Ken St Andre is the man responsible for the game, or as the Runequest second edition puts it the man who reopened pandoras box (dedications). He very kindly responded to some questions that I put

White Dwarf Magazine Issue 32

A World of Your Own by Ken St Andre 1982

Devising a style of play in T&T by Ken St Andre From White Dwarf Issue 32 1982 by kind permission of Games Workshop Of all the gaming articles I have ever written or ever will write this is probably the most important. If I was the kind of person who could easily adapt someone else’s

White Dwarf Magazine Issue 30

The Apocrypha According to St Andre 1982

From White Dwarf Issue 30 1982 by kind permission of Games Workshop In the beginning… Greetings! I want to thank the editors of White Dwarf for providing this opportunity to get together with you. I intend to write one or more essays for this magazine that are a cross between gaming column, an article, an