Project Type: Solo Adventures

Quest for the Crown

Quest for the Crown by Ken St. Andre

You have the magical trollhammer. Can you recover the Evil Overlord’s mislaid trollcrown? Easy, peasy, right. Nothing to deal with but goblins, ogres, gakks, glikks, treacherous caves, a troll, and an underground fungus forest. This is a beginning solo adventure for Tunnels and Trolls. It is written for a Warrior character that has a specific

Bean Stalk By Mark Thornton

Bean Stalk

Bean Stalking – not a job for those scared of heights and not a job for those easily confused. The village of Mucklepuddle Marsh has no reason to expect Halloween will bring things that go bump in the night but that’s exacctly what happens. Enjoy the 14 page story of the village and its inhabitants

Tunnels And Trolls Bundle

TMG Help Jeff Freels Bundle

As you are no doubt aware our great friend Jeff Freels and his wife Raquel have had ongoing medical problems and we have been donating the income from our products here to help them prepare for hopefully the second kidney transplant for the two of them. Now, to add to their problems, they are being

A Wizard Went A-Wooing

A Wizard Went A-Wooing by Mark Thornton

An epic tale of the secretive Bee-folk of Apys, a city hidden deep within the Jungles of Phantog. Your task is to win the hand of one of the six Manukan Queens. But first you have to get there… Phantog is a foul, inhospitable place and you will need the services of a Huntsmaster. A

Control Freak - Spirited Resistance by Mark Thornton

Control Freak – Spirited Resistance by Mark Thornton

Ever wondered what it would be like if you could seize control of other peoples’ minds? WHat would you make them do for you? There is an insidious spell in the Tunnels and Trolls spellbook that does just that. Not a wizard? No problem! You get to use a ring. So what will it be?

Dark Temple French Cover

Le Temple Obscur

Les adorateurs de Krestok sont-ils de simples pèlerins victimes de méchantes rumeurs, ou le bras armé d’un culte maléfique cherchant à s’emparer du parchemin du Phénix pour que leur chef diabolique réduise tout le pays en esclavage ? La réponse se trouve au cœur du Temple Obscur. Aventure en solitaire pour personnage humanoïde de niveau

Al Kazar's Caravan

Al Kazar’s Caravan By Thomas H. Pugh

The road to Kalliss-Morr is fraught with risks, the uruks and goblins are on the move, and in the wilderness of the Kurtish Plains it is unwise to trust to freely. This is a beginners level adventure for warriors, rogues or wizards of up to 20 personal adds. Any kindred may be used except uruks

Agent of Death

Agent of Death by Ken St. Andre

Something is stealing the magic of Trollworld, and Lerotra’hh, Empress of Khazan has chosen you to track down the cause and save the realms. But are you up to the challenge? Agent of Death can be played as one long 64 page novel-length adventure, or it can be played as three separate short-story adventures. And