Deep Where the Liche-Lord Lies - A Descent into Horror

Deep Where the Liche-Lord Lies - A Descent into Horror by A R Holmes

Deep Where the Liche-Lord Lies - A Descent into HorrorBeneath an ancient mausoleum, deep within the Forest of Maugaral, there is a mighty dungeon; a stronghold of goblins, ogres, and worse.

At its deepest point, surrounded by earthly riches, lies the tomb of Vasarax, an ancient and malignant sorcerer. Though entombed for centuries, stories abound that the long dead mage has arisen as a powerful Liche-Lord. It is said that whoever steps foot into his resting chamber will instantly perish...

Deep Where the Liche-Lord Lies: A Descent into Horror is a huge, multi-level GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls compatible with 5th or 7th edition rules. It will test even the strongest of parties as they penetrate its gloomy depths. Everything a GM requires to run what would amount to a mini campaign can be found within its pages, including detailed maps of each level and the surrounding terrain, plus descriptions of all of the rooms and contents. This is the largest GM module ever produced for T&T from the master of gothic horror adventures, Andy Holmes.

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